Outlook, Saskatchewan is located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, and is a short proximity to Lake Diefenbaker, a very popular recreational spot for locals and visitors alike. Commonly referred to as Saskatchewan’s Garden, Outlook is home to many historic firsts and feats, including Canada’s longest pedestrian bridge, the SkyTrail, which is situated a sprawling 3000 feet across and 150 feet above the South Saskatchewan River. Outlook also has the largest irrigation project in the province of Saskatchewan, which is how its fitting nickname came to be.

The town of Outlook Sk., was founded in the early 1900’s and it’s easy to see why the original CN Rail settlers decided to set up shop in this beautiful location full of natural wonder. Real estate in Outlook and area can still be found at a reasonable cost compared with larger centres such as Saskatoon. While Outlook still maintains that small town feel it is not coming up short where amenities are concerned.

Outlook and area has a number of great schools, churches, fitness centres and is even home to an art gallery and historical museum which is housed in the original CN Rail building from 1909! There’s something for everyone and every lifestyle in Outlook and area.